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Stet Cube stethoscope disinfection device

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The Stet Cube is an innovative device for quickly and safely disinfecting stethoscopes. The use of UV-C rays (ultraviolet rays) eliminates pathogenic microorganisms within a few minutes without the use of disinfectants or other chemicals. To disinfect, the stethoscope chestpiece is simply placed in the device and the lid is closed. The disinfection process then starts automatically. The stethoscope chestpiece remains in the device for 3 minutes for a standard disinfection and 5 minutes for a deeper disinfection.

⇒  Quick and safe stethoscope disinfection

⇒  Eliminates pathogenic germs via UV-C rays

⇒  Suited for all stethoscope types


Product Details

  • Stet Cube stethoscope disinfection device
  • For quickly and safely disinfecting stethoscope chestpieces
  • Usable with all stethoscope types and sizes (e.g. paediatric stethoscopes or cardiology stethoscopes)
  • With UV-C LED technology (wave length: 260-290 nm)
  • Standard disinfection in 3 minutes, deep disinfection in 5 minutes
  • Microprocessor controls for high level of safety
  • Polycarbonate housing, magnetic lid
  • Disinfection process starts once the stethoscope is in place and the lid is closed
  • Automatic switchoff after preprogrammed disinfection time ends
  • Status display via differently coloured LEDs (e.g. upon completed disinfection or low battery level)
  • Micro-USB port for charging the integrated lithium-polymer batteries
  • Also suited for mounting on the wall (wall bracket included in delivery)
  • Lifespan: at least 50,000 uses


The following germs are eliminated within 60 seconds:

  • E. faecalis
  • E. coli
  • S. aureus
  • P. aeruginosa


Benefits of Stethoscope Disinfection with the Stet Cube


  • Quick and safe stethoscope disinfection
  • UV-C rays deactivate DNA of most pathogenic microorganisms within a few seconds
  • Environmentally friendly; no chemicals required
  • Improves hygiene during exams, preventing infectious transmissions
  • Battery operated; can be used anytime and anywhere
  • Easy to use